lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011


Every night I close my eyes
and I wonder if I cross your mind sometimes
I´m asking you, if you care of something
and you just answer I dont know
And I still wondering why Im still in love
don´t know why you still here inside of me
I dont know if you care of me
or if you still loving me...
Tell me boy, I really look like a stupid girl
waiting for something unreal?
oh tell me the true...
Im still here fighting for something that isn´t real,
who knows why im doing this,
I want to know what´s on your mind
tell me what im doing wrong

Old times, when we used to be really close friends,
more than that, when we used to love each other in a crazy way.

Sometimes I wish you were here,
kissing, huggin, lovin´ me, as you used to do before.

I can see around me and feel the wind,
I´d never seen such beautiful eyes like yours,
I´ve never felt so in love.
I woke up this morning thinking about your blue eyes,
I can´t believe that once you were mine
and now, we are just two strangers
who hide every word of our hearts.

Feel your lips, it's like kissing the sky,
look in your eyes, it's like getting lost in the deepest sea.
would travel every inch of your body, as if it were a desert.
Tell me if your heart it´s really far,
tell me if I have to cross the sky,
looking for a star,
for to pay the price of your love.

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